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Reggio Emilia: the town of Tricolore

Basilica of  Saint Prospero

Basilica of saint Prospero is consacrated to the patron of the town and it lies in the centre of the downtown.

The Dome of Reggio Emilia

It is a romantic style building, built in 857; during centuries it has had several rebuildings and alterations. Moreover it has an ancient crypta with cross vaults; after some recent archeological excavations a pagan-roman mosaic on the floor has been found out.

The Parmeggiani Gallery

The Parmeggiani Gallery has a big collection of forniture, paintings and textiles from three different collections, whichwere collected by Luigi Parmeggiani during the firs decades of the XX century.

Prampolini Square

Also Known as “Piazza Grande”, there are the most important buildings of the town: the Town Hall, the Dome and the Palazzo del Monte: in front of it there is the Statue of Crostolo, that rapresents the river, which passes throught the town.

San Prospero Square

It lies in front of the Church and it is one of the most important of the town. It is connected to Prampolini Square through a colonnade (the Broletto). The Square is characterized also by 6 statues of lions, made of red marble.

Tricolore Hall

It is used as the Town Hall of the city; in this hall on 7th of January 1797 the rapresentative of the free towns of Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna and Ferrara met together to proclaim the Cispadan Repubblic, which had the flag with three colors (green, white and red); this flag was taken in 1848 as the national italian flag. The historical documents are now collected in the Museum of  the Tricolore, next to the Tricolore Hall.

Temple of Beata Virgin of Ghiara

It is a basilica, which lies along Corso Garibaldi in downtown and it is kept by the official religios order of the Servant of Mary. The Basilica’s building is connected with the miracle of a young boy on 29th of April in 1596.

The Theatre” Romolo Valli” 

It rapresent the center of the town. It lies one of the most important squares of Reggio Emilia, surrounded by the Pubblic Gardens. It hosts a prestigious liric season, with concerts and ballets..

Reggio Children s.r.l.

Reggio Children s.r.l. it is a society was born in 1994, with the help of pedagogist Loris Malaguzzi in order to organise pedagogical and cultural relationships between Reggio Emilia and foreign teachers, reserchers and pedagogists all over the world.