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She studied Languages and Foreign Literatures at the university of Bologna, specializing herself in the teaching of italian language and culture to foreigners. She loves the Italian culture and meeting people from all over the world; she listens to every kind of music and she believes that Music is an universal tool to unite different people and listening to music in the studied foreign language is a good method to learn it better. Moreover, she loves history, beginning from the Greek-Roman one up to the Middle Ages and to the Renaissance; of this arc of time she is very interested in the rich literature. To relax herself, she likes walking in the open air and on the mountains in Summer.


He studied Economy and Commerce in Parma, so now he is the administrative and commercial responsible of Italian Language. He loves planning tour inside and outside Reggio Emilia; he loves history, particularly the Roman and of the XX century ones, not only because he had studied them well at school, but also because he has deepened them in the years. Art is another of his great passions: he knows very well churches, monuments and pictures, that belong to the artistic and cultural patrimony. The other great passion is the Italian cuisine, in which he experiments his cook abilities. Movies and series TV allows him to discover different styles of life, very interesting and useful. To relax he loves trekking and cycling in mountain-bike.