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Why would I learn Italian?

  • It was my grandparent’s language, who emigrated many years ago.
  • It has a beautiful musicality and sound.
  • I want to cook for my friends the superlative italian food.
  • I want to speak it when I go to Italy for a holiday with my wife.
  • I like studying foreign languages and I was curious of italian one.

These are just a few of the reasons why a lot of people want to discover the italian language: to go into the original culture, to visit the “Bel Paese”, to understand a menu of a traditional restaurant, and so on.
Italian Language is a specialized institute not only in teaching the language, but also in its culture. In our institute each student can find his own method to learn Italian, thanks to a staff, who is always ready to offer PERSONALIZED SOLUTIONS, adopting programms and offers.

THE CLIENT IS AT THE FIRST PLACE and at Italian Language he will find what he wants and needs:

  • Grammatical lessons
  • Speaking ability
  • Skype Lessons
  • Daily life shared together
  • Cooking lessons
  • Music lessons
  • Daily trips to different cities and more over

All of this in an enjoyable, quiet and intercultural harmony!

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